Breaking Form: a Poetry and Culture Podcast

Kiss Kiss

November 27, 2023 Aaron Smith and James Allen Hall Episode 119
Breaking Form: a Poetry and Culture Podcast
Kiss Kiss
Show Notes

The queens' Kissing Booth is now open! We talk poetic kisses and then read some recent poetry crushes.

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Read more about Rimbaud here, and watch Patti Smith's video about preparing for "Rimbaud Month" here (5min).

To really understand the life & times Akhmatova lived through, watch Semeon Aranovitch's film The Anna Akhmatova File (in Russian with subtitles ~70 min) here.

The actor and singer Jonathan Groff is a spitter and you can read the receipts here.

Watch this video comprising a short bio about Jane Hirshfield and then a videorecording of Hirshfield reading "For What Binds Us."

Watch Tomas Transtromer read his poem "Allegro"  (2 min). Read an English translation of "Allegro" here.

Watch Cher perform her song "DJ Play a Christmas Song" on Berlin's Wetten Dass here and at the 2023 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade here.

If you don't know much about Dorothy Parker, here's a great video to get you started.

Here's Mariah Carey saying about J Lo, "I don't know her" here. The unfolding is here.

For more about Louise Glück's essay "The Forbidden" and the shade she casts on Linda McCarriston and Sharon Olds, read on here.

And W i lli am L0g an receipts about shoeshine kits can be had here.

Read William Ward Butler's "I Got that Dog in Me" here & order his chapbook Life History from Ghost City Press here.

Read Gustavo Hernandez's "Summer, You're a Boneyard," picked by Diane Seuss for Poem-A-Day. Buy Flower Grand First from Tide Moon Press here. 

Visit Ruth Madievsky's website. Read her poem "In High School" here.  Buy Emergency Brake here.

Read Amy Thatcher's poem "Road Kill" here and her poem "Our Lady of Sorrows" here.