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Doing Lines

November 06, 2023 Aaron Smith and James Allen Hall Episode 115
Breaking Form: a Poetry and Culture Podcast
Doing Lines
Show Notes

The gorls chop up some gorgeous lines before playing Mean, Queen, or Blue Jean.

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"It was a time when they were afraid of him" is from Jimmy Santiago Baca's poem "Ancestor"

"An opening to a story should be / unremarkable" is from Catherine Chen's " My Poem Asks to Be Read Right to Left"

"Things happen when you drink too much mescal" is from Moira Egan's "Bar Sonnet # 11"

Rabindranath Tagore's poem "Gitanjali 11" begins: "Leave this chanting and singing and telling of beads! Whom dost thou worship."

"Crickets are stitching the afternoon" is how Rosanna Warren begins her poem "Boletus"

"Arlene learned to dance backwards in heels that were too high" is the start of Patricia Smith's poem "Siblings"

"I will die in Paris, on a rainy day," writes Cesar Vallejo at the beginning of his "Black Stone Lying on a White Stone"

"Monterosa, your body is dead on Avenue A." is from Jack Agueros's "Sonnet for Angelo Monterosa"

"We kept war in the kitchen" is the beginning of Reetika Vazirani's  "Dream of the Evil Servant"

"This did not happen" begins Thylias Moss's poem "Did Not Happen"

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The Frank O'Hara line I reference in the game "Queen, Mean, or Blue Jean" is "Poem [Lana Turner Has Collapsed" which you can read here.

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