Breaking Form: a Poetry and Culture Podcast


October 16, 2023 Aaron Smith and James Allen Hall Episode 112
Breaking Form: a Poetry and Culture Podcast
Show Notes

The queens leave you breathless in antici....pation with this crafty episode focused on enjambed lines.

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Read Susan Mitchell's poem "The Dead" which is indeed in her first book, The Water Inside the Water (Wesleyan, 1983 and reprinted by Harper Perennial, 1994).

Here's the text of "Wake" by Tess Gallagher. You can watch her read the poem and a few others here (she reads "Wake" around the 11:10 mark)

Carl Phillips's poem "The Gods Leaving" is in his book Pastoral (Graywolf, 2002)

For the receipts regarding Miley Cyrus and Vickie Lawrence, or to read more from that interview, go here.

Read the start of Jorie Graham's essay "Some Notes on Silence" which James quotes in the episode.

You can read Andrea Cohen's poem "Ghosting" in the Atlantic if the spirit moves you.

Here's a link to read Jane Mead's "In Need of a World" (from The Lord and the General Din of the World)

Jean Valentine's poem "This Side" appears in her book Little Boat.