Breaking Form: a Poetry and Culture Podcast


October 09, 2023 Aaron Smith and James Allen Hall Episode 111
Breaking Form: a Poetry and Culture Podcast
Show Notes

Get on your spurs & chaps and join our country queens down at the poetry gay bar!

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Watch Miranda Lambert calling out some selfie-takers and the ladies of The View talking about it. And watch her sing "Tin Man" here.

Watch Jennifer L. Knox read "Crushing It" here.

Maybe the most memorable Tammy Wynette reference is this one from Sordid Lives. "He looked just like the early years," one character says about her brother.

"Billy Collins is to good poetry what Kenny G is to Charlie Parker" reads this scathing pan of the poet.

You can watch Richard Howard read from his poems here (~60 min).

Anne Carson is in conversation with Lannan Foundation's Michael Silverblatt here (30 min).

Terrance Hayes

Read B.H. Fairchild's "A Starlit Night" from 32 Poems here.

Read "Chopin in Palma," the Susan Mitchell poem in Best American Poetry 2023 (first published in Harvard Review) here.

Listen to Mark Doty talk all things Whitman (~50 min)

You can watch Frank Bidart read his serial-killer poem "Herbert White" here (~8 min)

Here's an amazing tribute to Lucille Clifton organized by SAG-AFTRA, with readings by Geena Davis, Tantoo Cardinal, Isabella Gomez, Mark St. Cyr, Candace Nicholas Lippman, Max Gail, Nicco Annan; Lynne Thompson;  Sidney Clifton; Madeline di Nonno; and  Rochelle Rose. (~70 min)

Read Matthew Dickman's poem "Grief."

Here's Susan Mitchell's CV.