Breaking Form: a Poetry and Culture Podcast

Horrible Men

September 04, 2023 Aaron Smith and James Allen Hall Episode 106
Breaking Form: a Poetry and Culture Podcast
Horrible Men
Show Notes

The divas are telling the truth and shaming some devils in this tea-spilling episode about horrible men with wide readerships.

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Here's the article that gave us so many receipts.

Claire Dederer's book is Monsters: A Fan's Dilemma. You can read a part of the book that was published earlier in The Paris Review.

Adele Morales was Norman Mailer's second wife. She divorced him two years after he stabbed her. Mailer was married six times and had nine children. According to his obituary in The Independent, his "relentless machismo seemed out of place in a man who was actually quite small – though perhaps that was where the aggression originated."

Sally Hayes and Holden Caulfield do go on a date in Catcher in the Rye—they end up seeing a play and then going ice-skating, where Holden tells her she's phony, then says she's a "royal pain in the ass," then asks her to run away. His near-shouting and impulsiveness scares her.  Holden leaves her at the skating rink, and Sally says she'll find her own way home.

For more about Gyllenhall and "All Too Well (Taylor's Version)" which contains the keychain reference, go here.

We reference Frank O'Hara's famous poem "Poem [Lana Turner Has Collapsed]" and you can read the poem here

Read the original article about Ta-Nehisi Coates attending the school board meeting at which the banning of his book Between the World and Me