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National Book Award Predictions

August 14, 2023 Aaron Smith and James Allen Hall Episode 103
Breaking Form: a Poetry and Culture Podcast
National Book Award Predictions
Show Notes

The gays gaze into their crystal balls and predict the National Book Awards.

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Poets mentioned in this episode include:

Watch Gabrielle Bates read for Alaska Quarterly Review here

Watch Kyle Dargan read at the Cork Poetry Festival from Panzer Hertz: A Live Dissection (3:30-24:00)

Watch Timothy Donnelly read his poem "Diet Mountain Dew" with music

Watch Michael Dumanis read his poem "The Empire of Light" here

Watch Meg Fernandes read 4 poems from I Do Everything I'm Told here (with Adrienne Raphel; ~1 hr)

Watch Katie Ferris read from Standing in the Forest of Being Alive (with Ilya Kaminsky) here

Rigoberto Gonzalez reads as part of Poets House's Hard Hat Reading Series from To the Boy Who Was Night here

Watch Jorie Graham's book launch for To 2040 (~1 hour)

Terrance Hayes took part in this reading and conversation with Ocean Vuong & Claudia Rankine here (~1.5 hrs). Terrance guested on eps 98 & 99

Eugenia Leigh reads from Bianca (with Jennifer S. Cheng) at Green Apple Books in San Francisco here. You can also watch Leigh lead a free writing workshop about zuihitsu here

Watch Randall Mann read his poem "Straight Razor" (included in Deal: New and Selected Poems). Randy was our guest on ep 96

Paisley Rekdal talks about West: A Translation here (~50 min)

Watch sam sax read "Everyone's an Expert at Something" here

Read Charif Shanahan's "On the Overnight from Agadir" in Trace Evidence

Brenda Shaughnessy reads from Tanya here

Watch Monica Youn read from From From  here (~30 min). Read "Against Imagism" in The New Yorker her