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Banned Books

June 12, 2023 Aaron Smith and James Allen Hall Episode 94
Breaking Form: a Poetry and Culture Podcast
Banned Books
Show Notes

The ladies express what they've got whether you're ready or not in this episode about banned poetry.

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Read more of the Judy Blume NPR  interview on banning books.

To read more about Amanda Gorman’s poem being banned, click here. If you’d like to read more about Daily Salinas, the  person who formally complained about Gorman’s poem, who is reported to have links to Proud Boys, go here.

Here and here are the receipts regarding Jericho Brown's rescinded invitation to visit to the Community School of Naples in February 2022.

Matthew Zapruder’s suicide poem was published as the April 18, 2023 Poem-a-Day.

For more about banned poets, visit the website we use from the Academy of American Poets.

On the Golden Girls, Blanche's sister, Charmaine, writes a book called Vixen: Story of a Woman. Check out Blanche’s reaction to it here. We also mention the existence of a few Golden Girls episodes centering on Blanche’s relationship with her gay brother, Clay. Check out a clip of one  of those here.

You can see 4 incredible, short interviews with Reinaldo Arenas (~19 mins) here